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Ultimate Training Systems prides itself on providing clients with the very best training programmes supported by both scientific research & anecdotal evidence gathered from the coaching team’s years of experience working in elite sport. We believe in combining science, intuition and common sense to achieve the best results for our cliental which ranges from Olympic Athletes striving to unlock their full potential to your average gym goer who may just require some advice or some more structure to their training. With the wide variety of services that we offer, we’re confident we have an option that will suit you so we can help you on your journey towards your goals!

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4 Week Personalised Programme

4 Week Personalised Programme



Brett Morse , 2012 Olympian

After a few years of underperforming and becoming disillusioned with my direction in the sport I met with Zane at UTS and instantly believed I could not only get back to previous levels of performance but also surpass them. Since starting I have been impressed with the professional approach to the programmes and extremely happy with the technical progress made in such a short time. It's important to learn every day and be in a happy and professional  training environment if you want to reach the top and with UTS you have that and more. 

James Hedger, Former GB Bobsleigh

Having had the opportunity to work with elite level coaches through rugby and my time as a GB athlete, I wholeheartedly believe that Zane at UTS is one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure of being trained by. Zane took me on as a complete novice to the sport of Discus and his logical patient and excellent feedback has helped to extract every ounce of potential I have thus far. I am completely confident that Zane is the best person to continue maximising my development. He is forward thinking and progressive, but always strives to better his knowledge, learn from us  and never lose sight of the simple things that work. Apart from being an already knowledgeable and great coach, he has a knack for creating a positive and enjoyable environment, which is one of the key to success. 



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